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Personalization Solutions
TasteGuru offers B2B solutions that help food and beverage manufacturers accelerate speed to market, increase innovation success, and improve marketing campaign effectiveness. In addition, we help e-commerce merchants increase their conversion rates and customer loyalty via personalization and product discovery quizzes. Learn More Data Analyzed 3,000,000+ E-commerce Listings Analyzed 300,000+

Discover emerging trends and create personalized e-commerce experience with AI

TasteGuru helps manufacturers and e-commerce brands discover emerging trends as well as provides personalization solutions by utilizing Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.


Trend Forecasting Platform for Food and Beverage Brands

Identify high-growth emerging trends and new product concepts based on millions of observed consumer data.

  • Accelerate speed to market
  • Increase innovation success
  • Improve marketing campaign effectiveness

Smart Product Recommendations for E-commerce

Amazon-like personalized product recommendations based on buyers’ purchase history and web activity. No more showing the same products to all visitors.

  • AI-powered recommendations
  • Five recommendation models
  • Seamless Shopify integration

Taste-Based Product Recommendation Quizzes

Smart product recommendation quizzes that match products based on each consumer’s taste preference.

  • Discover long-tail products
  • Get a unique insight into consumers’ preference
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty
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Solutions for Food and Beverage Brands

TasteGuru Trend Forecasting Platform

TasteGuru Trend Forecasting platform is designed to help Food and Beverage manufacturers take notice of high-growth emerging trends before they become popular. Our unique machine algorithms analyze millions of niche-specific data and identify trends with the highest growth and market adoption potential. In addition, it detects any consumer behaviour patterns associated with the trend and helps marketers increase the effectiveness of their communication strategies.

TasteGuru Trend Forecasting
TasteGuru Trend Forecasting
TasteGuru Recommendations
TasteGuru Recommendations
E-commerce Solutions

Smart Product Recommendations for Shopify

TasteGuru Recommendations app helps Shopify merchants optimize consumer online shopping experience via personalized product recommendations. Our machine learning model analyzes sales data, consumer behaviours and product profiles and suggests the most relevant products to the website visitors.


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