Predicts innovation trends for CPG brands and provides smart product recommendations for e-commerce.

TasteGuru helps brands and e-commerce increase revenue and customer loyalty by detecting foresight, personalizing market campaigns, and smart product recommendations.

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Foresight Platform

Our AI technology helps brands launch better and faster innovation by predicting early consumer trends.

Smart Product Recommendation Engine

Smart product recommendation based on each consumer’s personal taste preference. No more showing the same products to all visitors.

Taste-based Product Recommendation Quizzes

AI select questions that influence purchase decision the most based on millions of product descriptions and reviews.

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Why Us

For brands:
From insight to foresight

Faster and better innovation
AI-powered consumer segmentation
Personalized ad generation and placement

For e-commerce:
Personalized shopping experience

Increase in customer engagement
Improve in customer retention
Optimize product selection

Our Purpose

TasteGuru changes the way of communication between consumers, retailers, and brands using AI. Our goal is to remove bias from the idea generation process, improve the success rate in new product development and decrease the cost of innovation. TasteGuru helps consumers, brands, and e-commerce to have the best experience possible in discovering products that they will love. The TasteGuru team is trustworthy, helpful, and always eager to learn.

Our Mission

TasteGuru predicts innovation trends for consumer packaged goods brands to eliminate biases in innovation and provides smart product recommendations for e-commerce to personalize online shopping journey.

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Core Team

Susan Chen


Peter Chen

Co-founder/Data Scientist

Luiz Sato

Full Stack Developer

George Zhang

Machine Learning Engineer

Our Partners

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