Trend prediction and smart production recommendation using Artificial Intelligence

TasteGuru helps brands and e-commerce increase revenue and customer loyalty by detecting foresight, personalizing market campaigns, and smart product recommendations.

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Foresight Platform

Our AI technology helps brands launch better and faster innovation by predicting early consumer trends.
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Smart Product Recommendation Engine

Smart product recommendation based on each consumer’s personal taste preference. No more showing the same products to all visitors.
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Taste-based Product Recommendation Quizzes

AI select questions that influence purchase decision the most based on millions of product descriptions and reviews.
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Why Us

For brands:
From insight to foresight

Faster and better innovation
AI-powered consumer segmentation
Personalized ad generation and placement

For e-commerce:
Personalized shopping experience

Increase in customer engagement
Improve in customer retention
Optimize product selection

Our Mission

TasteGuru helps people discover new things they'll love

Our Vision

We are not only helping brands and e-commerce to gain more loyal customers by finding new things that they love, but we also provide insights on the creation of new products and personalized marketing messages to communicate with different customer segments.

Marketers in consumer-packaged goods companies no longer need to solely rely on desktop research for new product inspiration at the ideation stage. By analyzing social media and foodservice data, TasteGuru’s AI technology helps brands launch better and faster innovation by predicting early consumer trends and reveals new data-driven ideas that marketers won’t otherwise know. We also help marketers increase customer engagement via targeted consumer segmentation and personalized messages.

E-commerce will be able to provide a guided online shopping experience with a dynamic product display, where the store only displays products that each consumer will most likely purchase based on their personal taste preference.

The integration of sales and social data enables TasteGuru to provide more unique foresight to brands and e-commerce in the future.

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Core Team

Susan Chen


Peter Chen

Co-founder/Data Scientist

Luiz Sato

Full Stack Developer

George Zhang

Machine Learning Engineer

Our Partners

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