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Foresight Platform

By analyzing millions of social media and food service data, TasteGuru’s AI technology helps brands launch better and faster innovation by predicting early consumer trends and help marketers increase customer engagement via targeted consumer segmentation and personalized messages.

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Smart Product Recommendation Engine

Smart product recommendation based on each consumer’s personal taste preference. No more showing the same products to all visitors.

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Personalized product display

By using sales data & product taste profiles, our AI will find products an individual is most likely to buy and display them on your webpage.

Unlimited recommendations

No impression limits, no risk, and no surprises. Results are shown instantly.

AI-based recommendations

Our AI is trained on 300,000+ item profiles and thousands of customer taste preferences. It keeps learning to make smart recommendations.

Taste-based Product Recommendation Quizzes

AI select questions that influence purchase decision the most based on millions of product descriptions and reviews.

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