Our Mission

Becoming the first platform for personalization by taste

About TasteGuru

Taste is subjective. What your friends or others like is a poor indicator of your liking. We are a team of foodies and nerds that are passionate about decoding taste to help you find your next favourite food and drinks based on your personal taste preferences using artificial intelligence.

People are overwhelmed with options and find it difficult to articulate their taste preferences. Retailers, restaurants, and brand owners often don’t know who are buying their products or why. Our taste-based AI discovery software is providing the missing link between consumers, retailers, and brand owners.

We would love to hear from you! Say hi at taste@tasteguru.ai.


Susan Chen


Peter Chen

Co-founder/Data Scientist

Luiz Sato

Full Stack Developer


Sara Nicholson

Machine Learning

Rachelle Choueiri

Chemist; PhD

Yanina Shevchenko

Data Scientist; PhD

Jesse Vallins

Advanced Cicerone;
Executive Chef; Instructor

Jordan St. John

Certified Cicerone;
Co-author of Ontario Craft Beer Guide

Stephen Donaldson

Flavour R&D expert