About Us

Our Mission

TasteGuru changes the way of communication between consumers, retailers, and brands using AI. Our goal is to remove bias from the idea generation process, improve the success rate in new product development and decrease the cost of innovation. TasteGuru helps consumers, brands, and e-commerce to have the best experience possible in discovering products that they will love. The TasteGuru team is trustworthy, helpful, and always eager to learn.

TasteGuru Mission

Increasing Innovation Success Rates

The traditional CPG ideation process is subject to a great deal of bias. With AI, we can improve idea generation and selection process and help marketers discover and select product idea with the most growth and market adoption potential.

Improving Marketing Effectiveness

We help marketers discover any brands, consumer behaviours and attitudes in relation to the selected brands and products. By being able to see associations that are not immediately obvious using traditional methods, marketers can improve their messages to target consumers with more creativity and precision.

Increasing E-commerce Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

Most e-commerce stores do not utilize their store traffic enough and missing out on upsell opportunities. Our smart product recommendations solutions for Shopify analyze sales data, customer behavioural profile, emerging trends and suggest products that customers are most likely to enjoy.