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Trend Forecasting Platform for CPG Brands

TasteGuru Trend Forecasting Platform helps consumer packaged goods brands detect and capitalize on early consumer trends for better and faster innovation using Artificial Intelligence and social media data. TasteGuru removes bias from the idea generation process, improves the success rate in new product development and decreases the cost of innovation.

TasteGuru Trend Forecasting Platform

TasteGuru Trend Forecasting Platform Features


Real-Time Trend Prediction

By analyzing millions of current consumer data, TasteGuru identifies early consumer trends before they become popular in real-time.


Product Concept Ideation

TasteGuru Suggests product concept with the highest success potential based on sentiment, conversation volume, and novelty.


Association Analysis

Personalize marketing campaigns by allowing markets to understand relationships between any selected trends and consumer behaviour topics.

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